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Investment forum points to bright NW irrigation future

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Sally Cripps, Queensland Country Life

Potential irrigators in the greenfields Flinders River area have been urged to look back at history in order to go forward, as opportunity beckons with the release of 239,000ML of unallocated water to take place before June next year.

An investment forum held at Julia Creek recently began on an exhilarating note, with Flinders shire mayor Greg Jones declaring that north west Queensland could feed the world if it were given the opportunity to realise its opportunities, and continued when state Department of Agriculture representative Greg Mason said the region was in a real position to deliver grains, pulses and fibre, the first two to ready Asian markets.

Some of his optimism was based on the example of Richmond’s cropping pioneer Corbett Tritton, who Greg said “never flinched from his vision”.

“He has demonstrated what you could grow, and how to link it back to grazing and feedlotting,” he said.

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